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The new build will be ready by next week.

 As promised:

  1. The new boss, with two stages, his mini icon is attached to the news
  2. The first level is done.
  3. Two types of enemies: Falling stalactites, bat.
  4. Against the background are now flashing interesting objects.
  5. The fish is swimming [Fish is well done].
  6. Rufus moves slightly more actively.
  7. The menu loads faster.
  8. Partikli at the fall
  9. Small visual innovations.
  10. Rufus’s animation became smoother. 

Other innovations will be closer to the new build. A few words about Patreon. For better development, we need to pay for people and update equipment, so anyone who is not difficult, please support our small indie studio. https://www.patreon.com/KozlikD

The first developer notes are always very important.
Fulfilled in deadline, we released a test build. Now a few more conditions, for the subsequent deadline

  1. Game mechanics created.
  2. Work on the story.
  3. Locations to be prepared.
  4. Monsters are killed :).
    In the next update, wait for the huge changes.